Griffin, Love & WorldPeace Were Actually Funny At The ESPY’s

It’s kinda cool to bash the ESPY’s, and I desperately want to be cool and look good in front of my blogging friends.  Maybe they won’t pants me again at the next Blogs With Balls.

But amongs all the shameless self-promotion, there was actually a funny moment featuring Blake Griffin and Kevin Love, with a little help from Tyson Chandler and Ron Artest Metta WorldPeace, where they make fun of the NBA (and NFL) Lockout.

Blake’s got that bad infomercial acting thing down.  And the Artest “Tomorrow” at the end was perfect… because I’m not so sure that part was scripted.  

Ok, now for the bashing of the show… which I would totally do if I watched it.  Looks like I missed one hell of a show.