Hawks Get One Last Awesome Dig In On Jameer Nelson

A couple of weeks ago, the Hawks got all a-flutter over Jameer Nelson’s “trash talk” where he told Derrick Rose “catch you in the second round.”  The Hawks called it disrespectful and dismissive.  And they got their revenge on Jameer by knocking him and his Orlando Magic out of the playoffs. 

Done deal.  Game over.  Moving on.  Right?

Nope.  Not before one last shot at Nelson.

Hawks spokesman Arthur Triche announced on Twitter earlier Monday that he was leaving two tickets for Nelson after the Magic guard was caught telling Bulls star Derrick Rose “catch you in the second round” after the two teams met on April 10.

“Things that make me happy about this job,” Triche said on Twitter. “Taking a page out of Jerry Glanville’s book, I think I’ll follow through on Jameer’s request to catch Derrick Rose in the 2nd round.”

Glanville, a former coach of the NFL’s Atlanta Falcons, used to leave tickets for Elvis.


That, sir, is a burn.  I’ll bet Arthur Triche’s favorite show is “Burn Notice.”  If he was a doctor, Arthur Triche would work in the burn unit.  Triche used to be a chef, but he kept getting fired for burning everything.  

I’ve got more, but I’ll stop there.  

You know, the league could use a little more team trash talk.  Just little digs at players who take shots at the franchise.  Maybe this will all stir up this Magic/Hawks “rivalry”.