Is Yao’s Career Over?

Yao Ming is trying to come back from a stress fracture in his left ankle that cost him all but five game last season.  He’s about five months removed from surgery to repair the ankle, and now he’s in the midst of a grueling rehab that may just be getting the best of him. 

His comments in this morning’s Houston Chronicle, paint him as a bit down about his rehab. Something that strikes everyone rehabbing an injury.  But in addition to having a bit of a bad day when it comes to rehab, Yao paints a not-so-great picture about coming back at all.

Yao, 30, said he “might” know in August or September if he will ever play in the NBA again.

He wants to. And he wants to play here. He just doesn’t know if his body will enable him.

“It’s too early to say still,” he said. “The experience I have (tells me to keep) doing what I am supposed to do every day.

“You never know what will happen tomorrow.”

That is not very encouraging stuff from a 7’6″, 310 pound free agent who is hoping for one more NBA contract.  And it’s not encouraging for any team looking to maybe sign said 7’6″, 310 pounder.  In the past five years, he’s only played in one full season (last year, when he played 77 games) and even that one ended with an injury (a sprained ankle and hairline fracture during Game Three in the West Semi’s).  

So who knows what Yao’s future will bring.  If he’s lucky, it will bring more basketball.  But even if he’s back, it’s hard to imagine he’ll be back for long.

Via Pro Basketball Talk