Jerry Sloan Might Not Be Gone For Long

Jerry Sloan (AP Photo via’s a little odd to be typing this because, honestly, I shouldn’t be.  Jerry Sloan should still be coaching.  But we all know some things went down and, well, here we are.  So I suppose it’s not really much of a surprise to hear that a guy who probably never really wanted to leave probably won’t be gone for very long.  At least, according to his wife.  

“I don’t think you can ever say, ‘No,’ ” he said. “But I’m not agonizing over it, that’s for sure. I think I’ll always be able to find something to do.”

Tammy Sloan isn’t so sure.

“I just don’t see him staying retired,” she said. “I just can’t see that happening.”

The game is just better with Sloan in it.  And I can see him helping a team that needs discipline and focus.  Or maybe a young-ish team on the verge of a breakthrough.  But he’ll be over 70 if or when he comes back.  Is he going to want to be in that situation?  Or is he going to want to be on a ready-made winner?  

Actually, there is one team that almost fits both scenarios.  The Miami Heat. 

Miami’s obviously talented enough to be right on the cusp of a title, but they’re still sort of young.  Well, they’re not old.  You get my point.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:  If Miami ditches Spoelstra, Sloan should be the guy.  The only question is will he get along with Pat Riley.  Riley is a notorious meddler, and Sloan is not one to be meddled with.  Despite that, he’d be the right guy for that team if the other stuff surrounding it can be worked out.