Jimmer Will Be In The Green Room On Draft Night

Whether it was his willingness to pull from anywhere, his name, or the fact that he played for a Mormon school, Jimmer Fredette’s barnstorming trip through college basketball’s landscape was often times cast-off as a novelty act.  Over the last couple months of NBA workouts, however, all Jimmer has done is go out and prove that his game is all real.           

After stringing four solid pre-draft work-outs together in succession, he offered more reason to believe his game would translate to the next level in his most recent session for the Utah Jazz.  He made headlines on Thursday by “holding his own” against consensus top-10 pick Kemba Walker, and inspired Jazz Coach Tyrone Corbin to say of The Jimmer: “This cat can really compete.”

Which has all helped reserve a spot for Fredette in the NBA Draft’s Green Room on Thursday.  No truth to reports that he and Stern have already collaborated on a celebratory secret handshake for when he meets the commish on stage.  

From Brian T. Smith of The Salt Lake Tribune:

Former Brigham Young guard Jimmer Fredettehas been invited to the famed green room for the 2011 NBA Draft, The Salt Lake Tribunehas learned.  Only picks expected to be taken 1-14 are allowed in the room. They are then greeted by NBA commissioner David Stern if they are selected by a team during the first round of the draft, which is scheduled next Thursday in Newark, N.J. Fredette’s invitation to the green room had been questioned during recent days, despite his fast-rising draft stock and expectations that he will not last past the 15th pick.

Latest reports have Fredette going as high as 7th to the Sacramento Kings, and the Phoenix Suns are also interested in spending pick number thirteen on him, but who doesn’t think he’ll simply end up going to Utah at twelve?  If ever there was a baller born to play for the Jazz it appears Fredette is specifically him.  With Deron Williams in New Jersey, Boozer in Chicago, and Jerry Sloan in the mountains somewhere, Jimmer can step right in and be the true face to a franchise that hasn’t really had one since the Stockton and Malone days.

But to think Jimmer would bring simply a buzz from BYU to Salt Lake would be a miscalculation.  This kid isn’t Adam Morrison, or even JJ Redick for that matter.  His game is unique unto himself, it is legit, and he should be a lottery pick.  It appears now he will be on Thursday, and I’m simply looking forward to his brother’s next single at this point celebrating the selection.

Photo Credit: Times Union

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