John Wall Threw The Worst First Pitch In History Last Night

By all accounts, Washington Wizards rookie John Wall had a great first year in the NBA.  In his first year out of Kentucky, Wall averaged 16 points and 8 assists per game, became the third youngest player to record a triple-double, and finished second in the Rookie of the Year voting behind Blake Griffin.  Thankfully, throwing a baseball was never amongst any of the challenges that John Wall met in his rookie season.  He threw the first pitch at the Nationals game last night… and… yea…

Are you serious???  That was the worst first pitch by an athlete that I have ever seen!  (Well, I take that back, at least his pitch had more speed than Carl Lewis.)  How can an NBA point guard bounce it to home plate that badly?  We’re talking Mariah Carey territory here.  This video should make us all feel a little better about ourselves today, John Wall would destroy us in 99.99% of athletic endeavors, but at least we can give him a good run in throwing a baseball 60’6″.  I’m sure the slime of the universe Colin Cowherd will get a hold of this video and blame Wall’s terrible first pitch on his growing up without a father.  If there is a prolonged NBA lockout, the Nats could probably use Wall’s baseball talents regardless (although I’m told they’ve actually won seven straight games, how ’bout that).  And, at the very least, John Wall can take comfort that he dances better than he throws a baseball.