Kenyon Martin’s Vulgar Twitter Rant


Kenyon Martin has never really been known for his kind, encouraging words, but now he’s set a new low. While NBA fans were focused on whether or not the season would start on time, the Denver Nuggets forward, who just signed a deal to play in China while the lockout continues, let loose a string of expletives aimed at no one in particular.

Of course, in the age of Twitter hacking, we can never really be sure it actually was Kenyon Martin.  He says it wasn’t him and I really hope he’s telling the truth, because the tweets were horrendous. I won’t repeat them but there were a few “N-words” and he told all of his “haters” to “catch AIDS and die” (full list of NSFW tweets here) At one point he even asked people to Tweet him their addresses so he could go to their houses and fight them. He got into one exchange with some idiot from Canada who actually took him up on the offer.

Whether it was him or not, Martin will be without his Twitter account (@OakCliffBully) for a while, because at last check, it was shut down.