Kevin Durant Plays Flag Football With A Guy He Met On Twitter


Kevin Durant put on his #35 jersey and made a huge impact in a game last night.  But it wasn’t any kind of barnstorming basketball game. 

KD was hanging around in Oklahoma City when he tweeted that he was bored and wanted to play flag football.  Then this conversation happened.!/KDTrey5/status/131120836735270913!/groverbey/status/131121458364682240










And with that, George Overbey made a new friend… a friend who just happens to be one of the greatest athletes in the world.  Overbey got a friend to make up a KD shirt, Durant showed up, was the best player on the field (obviously), and added to his legend.  I think its safe to say that Kevin Durant is winning this lockout.  He’s got the golden touch.  

Meanwhile, George Overbey is the luckiest guy in the world.  Listen to him in the video.  He says he just happened to check Twitter at the right time.  After this conversation went down, there were some DM’s, texts, and Durant showing up in a huge van to pick them up for the game.  Amazing. 

Of course, LeBron tried to get in on the action… but it’s too late.  KD did it first and did it best.  Don’t be shocked if you see imitators now, but that’s all for show.  What Durant did was real.

(via Larry Brown Sports)