Kevin Durant’s 35th Hour Features Bieber, Big Baby, and a Tiger

Kevin Durant’s 35th Hour team are evidently aware of the key ingredients for success in Hollywood these days.  Justin Bieber and live tigers always helpful, and both elements are included in episode four of KD’s online series.  This latest episode starts at out the University of Texas with Durant and TJ Ford on set prior to a UT game earlier this season, and ends with an open gym featuring Durant, Glen Davis, and a bunch of Bayou Bengals down at LSU.  

In between, Durant offers an inside look at the Warner Brothers movie he’s currently filming, and also demonstrates his love for Wendy’s Honey Mustard Sauce by smuggling it into a restaurant that isn’t Wendy’s.  

That video is below:

I did think it was particularly interesting when Durant touched on his experiences at Texas at around the four minute mark too.  I imagine those in favor of the NBA age limit rule, requiring players to attend college for at least one year, will be replaying this sound-byte from Durant anytime they’re trying to make their case moving forward.  Obviously KD would’ve been at worst a first-rounder coming out of high school, if not a lottery or top-five pick, and he speaks sorta glowingly about what his time at Texas did for him.  “That one year turned me around as a person,” is I believe what he said.

In all, I enjoyed Episode Four just as I have this whole series.  Hopefully Episode Five has Kevin Durant at an NBA sanctioned practice.

YouTube: OfficialKevinDurant

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