Kobe’s Italian Movie Could Be Second Best Italian Movie Ever

That’s some kind of trailer for Kobe Bryant playing in Italy… or selling shoes in Italy… or just being Kobe Bryant in Italy.  It’s interesting because he seems to want to play there, but the Italian league can’t really seem to make it happen.  Still, the rumors won’t die, so we’ll see if something can be arranged.

What this is, though, is an easy, step-by-step method for making an Italian movie trailer. 

Step 1:  Grainy, simple title page.
Step 2:  70’s-type music
Step 3:  Multi-colored character intro pages
Step 4:  People with mustaches

That is it in a nutshell.  It was done to perfection in what is perhaps the greatest (fake) Italian movie of all time, Italian Spiderman.  Kobe’s movie looks good, but the intentionally cheesy effects and bad voice dubbing make Italian Spiderman the gold standard.  I will admit, however, it’s probably better enjoyed when you, let’s just say, have been hanging with Michael Beasley for a while.