Kobe’s Willing To Lend Players Money During The Lockout

Kobe Bryant (Reuters photo via Daylife.com)Over the weeked, John Wall called out LeBron James and Kobe Bryant for being a little less than vocal during the lockout.  

“I think we’re going to have to have guys like Kobe [Bryant], LeBron, the face of the NBA, to step up and say something,” said Wall, who was in Las Vegas this week when National Basketball Players Association President Derek Fisher and executive director Billy Hunter updated the players on the labor impasse. “Derek Fisher and those guys are doing a great job, but I just want it to be over. I can’t really say too much. I only have one year under my belt. . . . I just want to sit back, learn and listen and see what’s going on during the meetings.”

He has a bit of a point.  LeBron and Kobe have been noticeably quiet about the labor talks, but then again so have a lot of players.  But Kobe, according to Billy Hunter, is willing to let his wallet do the talking

“They’ve been deeply involved in the meetings we’ve had. I know Kobe is intimately involved in interfacing with colleagues and sharing in a pool of revenue to help the others get through this. Kobe has volunteered to do that in the event others need, he and others are prepared to loan money if necessary.”

Keep interfacing there, Kobe. 

This is a pretty cool move.  I assume a lot of the ridiculously rich max-contract guys are pitching in for this.  Which reminds me….

… hey there Kobe… remember me?  We played together for a little bit this past season.  Yeah, probably not.  I didn’t play much but I was definitely there… so don’t go checking into team rosters or anything.  That’s not necessary.  Anyway, this lockout is killing me and I’m running a little short.  Any chance you can toss me a few hundred thousand?  You know, just to get me by?  

It’s so nice of you to offer to help a guy you totally played with and is absolutely not trying to scam you in anway.  Thanks, brother.  Give Vanessa my best.