LeBron Continues Heat Summer Tradition Of Embarrassing Kids

The superstar members of the Miami Heat are not going to let a lockout get in the way of their summer time tradition of embarrassing young children in drills. 

Last summer at the Nike World Basketball Festival in New York, it was Dwyane Wade who repeatedly blocked and taunted children(with some help from Chris Paul).  Well, now it’s LeBron James’ turn to get into the action.  

LeBron showed up at a basketball camp to talk to the kids and, as usually happens at a camp, everyone lined up for a game of knockout.  LeBron joined in the fun and, in the face of elimination (at the :38 mark) he flies in, dunks on a kid, and then knocks him down.

Nice of LeBron to go pick the kid right up and not sit there as everyone in the camp points and laughs at him, isn’t it?