LeBron James Dunks On A Kid… Again

LeBron James and Dwyane Wade have a little competition going:  who can publicly embarrass more young children? 

Last summer, Dwyane Wade spent some time blocking, taunting and dunking on kids.  Then, at his camp, he spent some more time rejecting kids during a game of “knockout”.  LeBron, for his part, also dunked on a kid this summer (all those incidents detailed here) but still found himself down 2-1.  

Until now.

Added points for the glare at the end.  Way to rub it in. 

Actually, that’s not the worst part about the video.  No, worse than dunking and glaring on a 13 year-old, is the fact that, at the 1:17 mark, LeBron needs to hook the kid to get by for the dunk. 

So I’m making a call here. 

Offensive foul… Number 6… no basket.  Plus a tech for taunting.  

Still down 2-1 LeBron.  Parents… hide ya kids.

(via Project Spurs)