LeBron James Hits The Drew League


The Drew League and the Goodman League have gotten a lot more attention this summer, probably because we’re not distracted by the normal NBA off-season orders of business.  But chances are pretty good that this would have gotten some play with or without a lockout.

LeBron James dropped by the Drew League in LA with Baron Davis yesterday.  He asked to play, so they gave him a #2 jersey and off he went.

With Davis coaching, James led Cheaters II to a close victory with 33 points. Once the game ended, the crowd rushed James to get autographs and pictures. After about five minutes, James’ entourage whisked him away to the locker room. James is scheduled to hold his basketball camp on Thursday in San Diego.

“It was a great experience to just play with a guy like that,” said Casper Ware, a senior guard at Long Beach State who played on James’ team Saturday. “He was still passing even though he was LeBron. He just wanted me to play my game. He told me, ‘Don’t stand around and just throw me the ball. Play your game. I can get mine. Play your game and don’t change for me.’

I can’t imagine playing in a game and then hearing someone say “LeBron is here.  He’s on your team.”  How do you handle that?  I’d just hand him the ball too.  That is, of course, until the fourth quarter when he disappears and I had no choice but to do something. 

As is always the case nowadays, people pulled out their phones and took some video.  I put a few more of them after the jump.