LeBron, Wade, Melo & CP3 Going On “Homecoming” Tour (Including Akron)

via Daylife.comThis ought to be fun.  LeBron James is going back to Akron to play ball. 

With no end to the NBA lockout in sight, the All-Star group is set to lead a four-game “Homecoming Tour,” starting with a matchup in James’ hometown of Akron, Ohio on Dec. 1, followed by a Dec. 4 game in New Orleans, a Dec. 7 game in Chicago and culminating with a Dec. 10 contest in East Rutherford, N.J.

James, Paul, Wade and Anthony are committed to play in all four games. Proceeds from the tour — which will include events such as food drives, educational outreach programs and clinics in each city — will benefit the four headlining players’ charitable foundations, and tour sponsor Google Plus will stream each game live.

Oh sure, this is actually a nice little tour that will raise plenty of money for charities with things like food drives, but let’s be real here.  The headline of this thing, at least until December 2, will be LeBron returning to Akron to play ball in front of his home town.  Whether there’s a real story there or not, that’s the headline.

Meanwhile, this little run of games has that added feature of a major sponsor.  Google’s logo might as well be added to American money.  For them to throw some power behind it (and I’m sure they hope to get people really start using G+) adds a little weight to this particular tour.  To get some decent live streams out one of these things would be welcome new feature too. 

So let’s pass the time by pretending this Akron thing is a big deal, then maybe we can watch a little basketball… or whatever passes for basketball in these exhibitions.