Lockout Blues: What Is Everyone Watching?


So, is anyone as NBA starved as I am?

You know, back when the lockout began in July, I didn’t panic.  I had in my head that it would last through August for sure, and maybe part of September, but surely it would be over before October. I really expected that a deal would be struck, the pre-season would be cancelled, and we’d be watching NBA basketball right now.

So with that mentality, I bought into NBA TV full force.  I enjoyed watching the basketball movies that came on.  I enjoyed seeing the old dunk contest marathons that they would run.  I even sat and watched old All-Star games.  It was all pretty cool…the first time.

The longer that this lockout goes on, I realize that I love this sport, but I do not need to see games/contests/movies from the past for more than one time.  Yes my friends, panic has set in.  I am not a MLB or NHL fan, and I am only a casual NFL fan.  With that said, what am I supposed to watch?

I watch my Steelers play when I can, and I usually just flip around channels to see what else is on.  Unfortunately that only covers one day of the week.  I’m not a big college basketball fan, so when college basketball starts, I suppose I could attempt to become more involved at that level.  I’m from North Carolina and NC State is my team (maybe that’s why I’m not a big college basketball fan.  Not a great team since the days of Jimmy V).

At any rate, if I’m not watching random football games or NC State struggling, what else is there?  I need that basketball void filled.  I tried to watch some of the WNBA, but it just isn’t the same.  Watching a bunch of women I don’t know play basketball just isn’t my thing.  I’ve told my sons that if they want to see how to play ball the right way, they should watch the WNBA, because those ladies know how to move the ball around and distribute.
Guys, I’m not going to lie about this.  The 2011 lockout is really getting to me.  To be honest, I’m not really even watching that much TV anymore.  I stay glued to the Internet.  I’m checking the CBA Sports site.  I’m surfing through Twitter to see if there is any new news.  I’m bouncing all over blog sites to see if there are any interesting rumors floating around about free agency.  Who would have thought that we would be sitting in November and be discussing what to watch on TV other than our favorite NBA teams taking the floor?

I’ve been among those who has thought at least 3 times that the lockout would be ending.  I’ve laid in bed, watching Twitter with baited breath, just knowing that it would all be over and the season would start.  It hasn’t happened.

I begin to wonder if it ever will happen.  In the mean time, I suppose I can start learning the evening lineup of shows on network TV and try to get addicted to those shows.  I can become a NCIS fanatic, or join the 2-1/2 Men cult.  Perhaps I can become a Survivor junkie or maybe I’ll be the next X Factor contestant.

All I know is that NBA is my one true pro sports passion, and no amount of YouTube video clips of my guys training at various gyms or playing in pick up games is going to quench my desire to see my Charlotte Bobcats taking the floor and taking their skills to whoever they are facing on the court.

I miss you NBA…please be fair and end this lockout.  Do it so I can watch my team play again.  I mean what else am I…wait…I think a 3-point contest marathon is starting…catch you guys later.


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