Can younger Spurs provide glory for old men

"The Spurs are old." "The window is shut." These are common one-line excuses I’ve been hearing since I started blogging on the Spurs in 2004 of why the Spurs aren’t real title contenders amongst younger, ESPN headline-grabbing title favorites. Sure, the Spurs haven’t won a title since 2007, but before last year’s lockout-shortened 66 game-season, […]

Van Gundy tired of questions about Howard

SAN ANTONIO, TX – The Orlando Magic are facing the San Antonio Spurs tonight in the Alamo City in what could be Dwight Howard’s last game in a Magic uniform. Will he stay or not remains to be seen but what is certain is head coach Stan Van Gundy has had enough with questions revolving […]

Former Spur Bowen To Have Jersey Retired

Former NBA forward Bruce Bowen, known most for his time spent with the San Antonio Spurs, will have his No. 12 jersey retired by the team on March 21. Aside from being known as the Spurs’ defensive specialist, he had a reputation around the league for playing “dirty” and had ongoing wars with Celtics guard […]

Spurs Bring ‘Lob City’ Back Down To Earth

As soon as Chris Paul was traded to the Los Angeles Clippers, joining Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan, Caron Butler and Chauncey Billups, the hype machine got going. Reminiscent of the hype surrounding the Heat before last season, many NBA pundits were putting the Clippers in the Western Conference Finals and dubbing them the new super […]

Grizzlies’ Randolph May Need To Look Elsewhere For ‘Respect’

Before Monday night’s game against the San Antonio Spurs, Memphis Grizzlies forward Zach Randolph was quoted in the Memphis Commercial-Appeal as saying the Grizzlies front court wasn’t getting the respect they deserved. Randolph’s comment was fueled by Magic Johnson claiming the New York Knicks had the best front court, comprised of Tyson Chandler, Amar’e Stoudemire […]

If You Settle, They Will Come…

I wonder if this thought has even crossed any of the NBA owners’ minds. What if we go ahead and settle out of court with the players and have a condensed season.  Will the NBA fans return?  I’m sure they will.  They want to support their team.  They want to see their favorite players and […]

Wading Through The NBA Lockout’s Ripple Effect

So where were you when the NBA players rejected the offer made by then NBA owners for the current CBA?  I am lucky enough to say that I was at work when it was rejected.  Other than the fact that I can’t follow my home team playing NBA games, I’m not really feeling any ripples […]

Will You Be An Amnesty Clause Victim?

With these CBA talks, a new amnesty clause has been among discussions as a new addition to the mix. This clause would allow for each team to shed one contract outright before next season through a one-time amnesty provision that wipes that contract off a team’s books — even though the player must still be […]

The Other League That Can Benefit From The NBA Lockout

The fiscal term “Black Friday” is known in America as a day when thousands of shoppers wake up extra early to catch door-busting sales at countless department stores around the nation. The Friday after Thanksgiving is also a very busy day in college football as numerous games are scheduled to be played as most Americans […]

Lockout Blues: What Is Everyone Watching?

So, is anyone as NBA starved as I am? You know, back when the lockout began in July, I didn’t panic.  I had in my head that it would last through August for sure, and maybe part of September, but surely it would be over before October. I really expected that a deal would be struck, […]

Gay: If Healthy, We’d Win The Whole Thing

It’s a safe bet to say that the Memphis Grizzlies were the Cinderella story of the 2011 NBA Playoffs. The Grizzlies started a team made up of mostly second and third tier players and arguably their best player, forward Rudy Gay, would be watching from the bench in street clothes. As the eighth seed matched […]

Is LeBron James Rebranding?

In 2006, Entrpreneur Magazine featured a piece on “The Art of Rebranding.” According to the mag, there are positive and negative reasons for choosing to launch a re-branding campaign. “There are just about as many reasons to re-brand a business as there are ways to do it. Some of those reasons are positive (two organizations […]

Adelman Could Be Perfect Fit For Spanish Guard Rubio

Well before he was picked with the fifth selection in the 2009 NBA Draft by the Minnesota Timberwolves, the hype surrounding Spanish wunderkind Ricky Rubio. While Rubio opted to stay overseas for what would have been his rookie season last year , the 20-year-old point guard signed with the Wolves in early June and will […]

Cooper: Players should be making making as much money as they can

Former Los Angeles Lakers guard Michael Cooper was among the former and current Lakers players and staff at a Los Angeles Best Buy store for the debut of NBA 2K12 yesterday. The Los Angeles Times spoke with Cooper about Kobe Bryant’s contract talks with Virtus Bologna, likely because the was the only Laker there with […]

Mavs’ Rudy Fernandez Could Be Next NBA Defector

As if the upcoming season wasn’t enough to think about, Dallas Mavericks guard Rudy Fernandez is taking it one step further and thinking about the following season. Fernandez signed a contract to play with Real Madrid during the lockout. Playing with the Spanish team will serve as research for Fernandez. After playing in Spain and […]