Luol Deng’s Face Is On British Money

That’s Luol Deng’s face (the one just above 70’s David Bowie) on newly issued money in London.

Luol Deng may not have an NBA championship ring or an MVP award – but he does have his face printed on actual currency.

The Chicago Bullsforward joins three others – activist Lenford Kwesi Garrison, WWII secret agent Violette Szabo, and David Bowie– as the new faces of the Brixton Pound, a complementary currency to the pound sterling.

Brixton pounds are a local currency, so it’s not like Luol is the Prince of Zamunda or anything.  They were created for use in the south London neighborhood of Brixton in a effort to have locals spend their money within their own neighborhood, thus strengthening their economy.  And I’ll stop right there so we don’t get into a global economic dissertation involving the pros and cons of local currencies and whether they more harm than good.  

The bottom line is, Luol Deng’s face is on money, and yours isn’t.  Neither is mine.  At least not until we create “Crossover Currency” for use in the Bloguin cafeteria.  I tried a rudimentary version of it a few weeks ago, which involved me trying to pay for food with autographed headshots, but that didn’t go well.  

I paid for a lot of headshots when I got this gig.  

A lot. 

Anyone want an autographed headshot?