Matt Barnes Is Still Doing Matt Barnes-y Things

In a world of uncertainty, it’s still nice to know some things remain constant.  The sun will rise, the sun will set, and Matt Barnes will be a dick on the basketball court.  

Back in August, Barnes punched a guy in some random summer league game.  Last night, Barnes drew the ire of the Clippers’ Blake Griffin by giving him a two-handed shove to the floor.  Apparently, Barnes didn’t like the fact that Blake was unleashing a newly varied offensive repetoire all over him and the rest of the Lakers.  

You can just add it to the pile of crap Matt Barnes likes to pull.  He fancies himself as a bit of tough guy, but he’s more of an antagonizer than anything else.  When I think tough guy, I think Charles Oakley.  You know, a true enforcer.  Barnes is a punk who pulls stunts like this because he can’t do much else.  

Man, the Lakers season is off to a great start, huh?  Coudn’t get Chris Paul, trade Odom for nothing at all, Kobe tears a tendon in his wrist, and Barnes is already acting a fool.  Lakers fans are either going to look back on this and laugh… or look back at is as when the wheels started to come off.