Mickael Pietrus’ Rehabs At A Shaolin Temple

Mickael Pietrus had cartilage removed from his knee in July.  Of course he went through the normal rehab with orthopedic doctors and trainers.  But it apparently just wasn’t enough.  So Pietrus went on a quest for healing.  A quest that led him to China, and the Shaolin monks.  

“I knew kung fu masters Jackie Chen and Bruce Lee. Shaolin kung fu is the best!” Pietrus said.

Besides its martial arts, the Shaolin Temple is also known for its traditional Chinese medicine. The Buddhist monastery began to have its own hospital more than 1,000 years ago, the report said.

Pietrus was not the first NAB star to seek treatment in the Shaolin Temple. Abbot Shi Yongxin said Shaquille O’Neal also came and tried one ointment prepared by the temple

Of course this sounds funny.  And it’s an odd thing to do.  But I’m all for alternative therapies like this one.  And the Shaolin have been practitioners of some of the most athletic of endeavors for centuries, so they have simultaneously developed methods for avoiding and recovering from injuries. Shaolin training is among the most intense in the world.  It stands to reason they have some very good ideas about getting healthy. 

Of course, Pietrus has already apparently incorporated some Shaolin techniques in his game, so this is the next logical step for him.