Monta Ellis Answers The Age Old Question: “If You Were A Tree… Which Would You Be?”

Barbara Walters etched her name in the fabric of pop culture back in 1981 when she asked Katherine Hepburn “if you were a tree… what kind of tree would you be?”

It’s gone down as one of the most bizarre interview questions of all time.  But Babs is in luck.  Because she could dust that ol’ chestnut off should she ever sit down with Golden State’s Monta Ellis.  And to answer, all Monta would have to do is lift up his shirt.

Yowza that’s one hell of a tattoo.

As far as ink goes… that’s impressive work.  That’s some intricate detail.  But is anyone else disappointed about the artist not turning Monta’s nipples into something more?  Maybe some figs or walnuts?  Oooh… or maybe eyes on the owl from Clash of the Titans? The belly button could have been a chipmunk’s head popping out of its home after a long winter’s rest.  C’mon, tattoo artist I’ve never met… get creative!

I’m betting Monta just asked the artist for “Family Tree”… but since Monta can’t stop anyone, this is what he got.