More From Shaq’s Book: The Boston Chapter

I think lots of people are looking forward to Shaq’s book release next week. I doubt that’s because of his uncanny storytelling ability, or Jackie MacMullan’s knack for writing. It’s probably mostly to see what drama Shaq wants to disclose to the public, making Shaq’s book almost like watching an episode of “Keeping up with the Kardashians.”

Several parts of the book have already leaked. Shaq has called out a number of former teammates and coaches. He bashed Mike Brown, calling him a pushover. He’s also giving some of his teammates on the Celtics a hard time, even though it seemed like his entire time there was spent on the injured list.

Shaq is now saying that Boston Celtics’ Rajon Rondo was “frustrating” and that he almost punched Glen Davis in the face once. Now, I’m not sure how seriously we can take any of these accusations. Breaking down the game film and analyzing some of Shaq’s comments shows he might have been stretching the truth a little bit. So who knows how much of the book we can even take seriously?

He did have a few positive things to say as well, and it seemed like he was mostly fond of his time in Boston, but anywhere Shaq goes there is bound to be some drama. We’re long past the time of taking the big guy seriously, so I hope he doesn’t think his book will be treated like a great telling of history. I see it more as a comedy, perhaps even a little bit of fiction.