NBA Cancels First Two Weeks Of Regular Season, Threatens More cuts!/WojYahooNBA/status/123576275465027584

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There will not be an 82 game NBA season this year. 

After about seven hours of negotiating, David Stern made the announcement that the first two games of the regular season have been cancelled.  There had been talk of a possible postponement after we learned both sides agreed to a reduced version of the mid-level exception. 

But it appears that they could not bridge the gap on other issues.  So we’re stuck waiting.  And now we’re at the point where the deals will start getting worse and worse for the players.  Take this quote, for example, from Stern:

Stern says further negotiations have to “account for the losses we are incurring” by canceling games.

So it sounds like the NBA is not only following through on its threat to cancel the first two weeks, it’s going to put it on the players to somehow make up for the losses the NBA will take by doing so.  Bear in mind that the postponement of the regular season was still possible today.  So there’s no need for David Stern to cancel the first two weeks. 

The hurdle doesn’t even seem to be the split of BRI:!/KBergCBS/status/123578569963216896

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So we’ll just have to wait and see.  Right now, we’re getting nothing better than a 72 game season.