On Episode Two of Kevin Durant’s 35th Hour

In short, it’s good.  Only two episode’s into Kevin Durant’s 35th Hour YouTube Series and you can count me as a guy who’s already hooked.  

The series does a better job than you’d think at offering an authentic behind the scenes look into life of a basketball mega-star like Durant, and it does so in a way that comes off pretty unpretentiously too.  In the second installment, entitled Hard Work Beats Talent, Durant goes from a workout session in Alexandria, VA with Austin Daye, to a local mall for some photo-opps and Popeye’s Chicken, then on to a Bowling Alley, before finally culminating with some highlights from the Goodman – Melo League game from last week.  

The video is below if you haven’t seen it yet:


It turns out Kevin Durant is a pretty good bowler too, as evidenced by the video.  In celebration of one of those strikes, I particularly liked that dance he busted out ending with the Aaron Rogers heavy-weight belt move too for whatever that’s worth.  I also liked those flashbacks to his earlier workout they incorporated into the Melo League game highlights too, when Durat was finishing at the rim, and have been impressed by the video production in general throughout each of the two episodes.  

I imagine other players will start doing something similar to the 35th Hour over the next couple seasons as well, but in the meantime I’ll be keeping a close eye out for Episode Three.

YouTube: Kevin Durant 35th Hour

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