Pau Picks Beauty Over Brawn

Los Angeles Lakers’ Pau Gasol already has the reputation for being one of the softer big men in the NBA. He’s not really doing much to change that image. In a recent interview, Pau said he much prefers the European style of basketball to the NBA.

“…. basketball is a team sport and more beautiful to watch when the players pass the ball or when the ball movement to create shooting situations”

When I first read this, after getting a good laugh over the flowery language, I assumed Pau was calling out Kobe for being a ball hog. It definitely wouldn’t be an unprecedented thought, he probably has a little bit of resentment built up against his superstar teammate. That’s most likely not what he was going for though.

I honestly think he’s just being a whimp. His NBA career mostly consists of playing for one of the most innovative offensive minds of this generation. He can’t really complain that much about how his offense has been run.  I think he’s really saying, “I like in Europe when I don’t have to go against guys like Dwight Howard who beat me up the whole game.”

Don’t get me wrong, Europe produces some very good basketball players, but also ones that are historically soft. Dirk Nowitzki is one of the most talented guys to ever play the game, but you see him take it hard to the basket about five times a year, and he’s seven feet tall!

When Pau plays in Europe, it is a less physical game that’s more about the finesse. Maybe that’s just the way he likes it. If so, he’s a much better fit over there, because we’ve all seen that Pau can’t really handle a physical style of play, championships or not. If he wants to stick around the NBA, it’s probably time to man up.