Perkins May File Police Brutality Charges

Kendrick Perkins (AP Photo) via Daylife.comWell, well, well… the Kendrick Perkins saga just got a lot more interesting. 

Not only is he disputing police claims that he was drunk and ready to fight anyone, Perk’s lawyer says it was Perkins who was the victim.

The Oklahoma City Thunder Center was arrested early Saturday morning after police say he showed signs of being drunk while arguing with the owner of The Ticket sports bar.

Perkins held a fundraiser at the night club for his charity foundation following his second annual basketball summer camp.

Attorney Langston Adams says they are considering filing a police brutality complaint against the arresting officers.

There were reports that Perkins went home to recover from injuries sustained that night.  Of course, if there was a bar fight, then there stands to reason that there’d be injuries.  But if there was a bar fight and Perk was what police said he was, then he’d probably just shut up, accept whatever fine comes with a public intoxication charge, and move on.  No need to drag this thing out more than it has to, right? 

So it’s a little eyebrow raising to hear that Perkins may file a complaint.  Allegations of police brutality aren’t taken lightly, especially when levied by a black man in southern Texas.  

This has the potential to be an ugly back-and-forth.  Kendrick Perkins will speak about this at some point.  So will the Beaumont Police Department.  The one thing I’m waiting for is the camera-phone video.  There’s no way Kendrick Perkins goes off in a bar without someone in there flipping a phone open and getting some of it on video.  And there’s no way Kendrick Perkins gets taken down by the cops without one of his boys flipping a phone open and getting some of it on video either.  Not in 2011.  

This seems to be just the beginning.