Ricky Rubio Doesn’t Know Who Rick Adelman Is

Yesterday, I was sitting at a bar grabbing a quick lunch when a bartender turned to the TV, saw the news, and asked “so who is this Steve Jobs guy?”  I damn near choked on my sandwich.  How can you not know Steve Jobs?

What I’m about to share with you from Ricky Rubio is just about as bad, especially when you consider Ricky is about to play for Rick Adelman.  This is from the Spanish site Marca.com.  The translation is via Google.  

Because of the lockout rules we haven’t talked, but when I learned that the Wolves had signed Rick Adelman, I googled him and looked him up on Wikipedia to learn more about him


Ricky didn’t know who Rick Adelman was, so he went to Google and Wikipedia to find out.  

I don’t even have a joke there.  My mind is completely blown.  

I wonder what Rick Adelman’s reaction is going to be to that.  Well, his reaction after “what’s a Wikipedia?” anyway.  I’m going to assume 65 year-old Rick isn’t much for the interwebs.  Meanwhile, the internet itself is actually older than Rubio.  

Oh, this is going to be a fun dynamic, isn’t it?