Robert Horry Won So Many Times He Doesn’t Know Who LeBron Is

Robert Horry is just sitting back with all his NBA championship rings these days, enjoying his retirement, and talking a whole bunch of junk about about LeBron James whenever he feels like it.  As far as that last part goes, he did feel like it recently too.  

When asked during an interview what Horry thought about LeBron James’ prediction that he’d win seven titles in Miami – same number Horry collected while hitting big shots for great teams throughout his career – Rob decided to go Kobe Bryant on LeBron’s Raja Bell, talking about I don’t know who that is.

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As for Robert Horry, when asked what he thought about LeBron’s notorious proclamation that he’ll amass more than 7 championship titles, Horry squinted at me and exclaimed, “Who?!”

Horry then followed that up with this, in conclusion:

Kidding aside, Horry said, “You gotta aim high…I hope that he does surprise us, that’d mean he did his thing like he was supposed to.” Horry smiled: “But it ain’t gonna happen.”

That would mean he did his thing like he was supposed. But it ain’t gonna happen.  

Hey LeBron, you still got that notebook you had last summer?  You might want to grab it.  Robert Horry, the dude with more NBA titles than Bob Cousy, Kareem, and Mike Jordan, he’s talking a whole bunch of smack about you over there.  I’m not sure if he’s just trying to impress this girl who’s interviewing him or what, but he’s really calling you out over here. Might want to write some of this down.

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