Chelshire Jets Offer Ron Artest “Stake” in Team and “All The Love In the World”


Ron-Ron didn’t have to change his name to Metta World Peace to prevent me from ever saying I hated him, because I never did.  I’ve always been pro-Ron Artest, and I always will be.  The fact that he changed his name to World Peace in an effort to champion such a cause only makes me like him more too, in case you were wondering.  I’ve never even questioned the fact that I have no idea what Metta means. 

Truth is, if I ever owned a team in the British Basketball League I’d even go so far as offering Ron an ownership stake in my organization just for playing however many games he wanted too on it.  I think everybody owes Ron Artest at least that much, don’t you?  Which is why I’m not surprised that the Cheshire Jets offered him such an opportunity on Wednesday; this according to a report from the LA Times:  

“Amid all the tweets from Ron Artest suggesting he may play with the British Basketball League’s Cheshire Jets during the NBA lockout, an official told the team website that the organization has offered him a “stake” in the team.

“We are honored that Ron has even mentioned the prospect of joining the Jets,” said Peter Hawkins, the director of the team. “Financially we have nothing to offer him, but it would be so significant for U.K. basketball. We have offered him a stake in the club and all the love in the world!

To have a genuine NBA superstar even considering coming to the BBL is massive news for our sport and could be the launch pad we need in this country to give the sport the profile it deserves; it might even get the BBC interested in showing the sport!”

First off, how cool is this Peter Hawkins guy for presenting a compensation package that includes “all the love in the world”? And secondly, how much cooler would Ron look for accepting such a deal? Answer to both questions is “pretty awesome”. Artest’s publicist did pull back some though, going on to tell the Times that he hasn’t made a concrete decision yet, despite tweeting out the above picture featuring the Center from Chelshire’s team holding up a World Peace jersey along with things like “here we go Jets.”  So maybe he hasn’t. 

Metta did tell Bill Plaschke earlier this week, however, that the teams in the British Basketball League “aren’t good” but he’s “going there to finish a movie, so why not?” A point to which I can find no counter.  Of course he should play if he’s already there finishing a movie, wouldn’t Vinny Chase have played pro soccer down in Mexico during Medillin if he could?

Metta has said his mission is to do whatever he can to entertain the fans, and I believe he is being called to duty here with this opportunity.  I know that I would find following him overseas in this capacity pretty entertaining, and I don’t think I’m alone in that regard.  So Ron, if you’re listening, go ahead and take that stake in the Jets and let’s get some footage of you going for sixty a night against the BBL’s finest. We’d all appreciate it if you did so, just as we’re all grateful that Cheshire is willing to give Peace this chance. 

Okay, sorry about that last line.  Blame the editors though, they should have never let a line that cheesy through (editors note: we’re too lazy to come up with anything better).  Go Jets. 

Photo via Metta World Peace’s Twitter Account

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