Rose’s New Shoe Deal Will Make His Bulls Contract Look Like Spare Change

Derrick Rose just signed a new deal with the Chicago Bulls that will earn him about $95 million dollars over the next five years. 

Chump change.  


Beer money at best. 

That’s because Adidas is about to to pay Derrick Rose a LOT of money. 

One industry source insisted to this week that Rose’s new shoe deal with adidas will easily crack nine figures and could legitimately approach the $250 million range — as in $25 million annually over a 10-year span — in what is known in the shoe game as a “lifetime” deal.

How can the reigning MVP possibly command those kind of dollars as a shoe endorser? Here’s how: Rose, as it was explained to me, is adidas’ only counter to Kobe Bryant in China. I’m told Rose already outsells LeBron James there.

That look on Rose’s face at the :59 mark in the video?  Yeah, now it makes a lot more sense, doesn’t it?

He’s already made $15 million from the Bulls.  He’ll make about another $7 million this year. He’s been getting about $1 million a year from Adidas since 2008, so add $4 million to that total.  

So that’s $26 million so far.  And now, in less than a month, he’ll have signed deals to make 18 times that amount.  And keep in mind that this kid will be 29 when his extension is up, and another $100 million won’t be out of the question after that.  

All of that adds up to a guy who, at somewhere between 33 and 35 years old, will have earned somewhere in the vicinity of half a BILLION dollars.  

Yeah.  Basketball has been very, very good to Mr. Rose.