Scott Raab Delivers A Copy of His New Book To LeBron James’ House

Scott Raab wrote a book titled The Whore of Akron, and there are a few unflattering mentions of LeBron James in said book.  Just a few.  This simple fact did not stop Raab from attempting to deliver a copy to LeBron’s Akron house, as you can see in the video below.  He even autographed it for him too, with a personalized note thanking James for making this all possible.

The above delivery of this book to LeBron’s house was followed up by a twitter contest Scott Raab is currently running as well. Anyone who tweets at LeBron asking him if he has read the book yet is eligible to win some Whore of Akron coasters, as seen here. Who doesn’t need a few more coasters, right?

For reviews of Raab’s book The Whore of Akron posted at ESPN’s TrueHoop and the Bloguin Network’s Stepien Rules, click here and here

YouTube: ScottRaab64

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