Stan Van Gundy Could Get Into Politics

I make fun of Stan Van Gundy a lot because, well, it’s so much fun to do.  The clothes, the voice, the sideline faces… it’s just all so much fun. 

But Stan’s a good coach and a good guy.  And it’s not all always about basketball, either.  Just like you and me, the everyday goings on in the world can get on Stan’s nerves.  But unlike you and me (well, me, at least), he’s not going to take it sitting down.

“I don’t like what’s going on,” Van Gundy said of the recent happenings in Washington, D.C. “I think sometimes you can sit around and complain. Look, I want to coach for as long as I can. But when that’s done — depending on where my family situation is — yeah, I’d think about it. I certainly would think about it.

“I’m fed up with the people in our government. Because I’m fed up, instead of complaining about it, I plan to do something about it.”

I’ll just say it now:  How awesome would President Van Gundy be?  And should we need to engage in any combat, he’s the perfect guy to head up the effort.  Today’s warfare is all about long range bombing and only getting into the trenches if absolutely necessary.  

All Stan would need to do is scratch out the “Orlando Magic” on his playbook and scribble in “US Military.”  

Seriously, though, good for Stan.  A lot of us will complain for days about politics and do nothing about it.  So if he’s going to take some initiative, then I’m all for it.