Marbury On Knicks Next President: “If Isiah Thomas Could Be President, Anybody Can Do It”

Maybe it’s because I felt like I got to know him as a kid through the pages of Darcy Egan’s book The Last Shot, or maybe it’s because I simply appreciate the creativity involved in a head tattoo, but I’ve always had a soft spot for Stephon Marbury. 

Sure he’s had a rough go of it, brought most of it on himself, but such is life as a Coney Island superstar. 

Whether you like Starbury or not though, it’s tough to disagree with his recent take on his former team’s search for a new President of Basketball Operations.  When asked who the New York Knicks should hire to replace the jettisoned Donnie Walsh, Marbury told Marc Berman of The New York Post the following:

“If Isiah Thomas could be president, anybody can do it.” 

Which does sound about right, no?  Especially considering that after Isiah helped turn James Dolan’s Knicks into a laughingstock and perennial loser during his time in office the two are still good friends.  In fact, Dolan and Thomas are such good besties that after Walsh helped breathe life into the franchise Isiah suffocated, there’s even some talk of bringing him back.

If you recall, Thomas hinted that there was a possibility he could make a return to the Knicks as their next President earlier this month when he said this on Sportscenter:

“Never say never about anything,” when asked what he would do if Knicks owner James Dolan were to call him about replacing Walsh. “All my doors are open.”

Thomas is still currently employed by Florida International University as the Head Men’s Basketball Coach.  His overall record since arriving on campus is 18-44, and his team went 11-19 last season.  A record almost “anybody” could be able to compile, one might think. 

As far as any talk of a return to the Association for Marbury?  He appears to be content over in China these days building the Starbury Brand.  The Miami Heat did show interest in him last summer, but obviously that never panned out.  Miami ended up settling on Mike Bibby, who went on be benched in favor of Eddie House during Game Six.  As bad as it sounds to be replaced in the rotation by Eddie House though, it’s hard to think the 34-year old Marbury could have done any better.  

Could he do any worse than Isiah Thomas as the Knicks next President though?  Could anybody?

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