Surprise! Carmelo Anthony Had Two Surgeries In May

After the New York Knicks’ disappointing first round sweep at the hands of the Boston Celtics, Carmelo Anthony sort of disappeared for a while (except for chilling out with a Panda in China).  While most of his buddies were showing off in Pro-Ams, Melo seemed content to just do nothing.  Now we know why.  He was recovering from surgery.

He revealed more elements to his mysterious offseason, disclosing last night he had knee and elbow surgery simultaneously in May. Anthony disclosed the surgeries after playing 48 minutes and dropping 31 points with 17 rebounds last night at the sweaty Palestra in a lockout-inspired barnstorming-tour loss.

The Knicks never announced the procedures. Melo said he had arthroscopic surgery on the left knee and an elbow procedure, as he suffers from chronic bursitis.

“Can’t tell, can you?” Melo said after his rugged performance.

Anthony said it was the first time in his life he’s had surgery.

“I did both of them,” Anthony said. “They were bothering me seven years.”

Seven years?  That’s his entire pro career.  Of course, if it’s his left elbow (which would explain the shooting sleeve/pad he always wears on it) then its his non-shooting elbow. 

The knee issue is a little bit of a bigger deal, but I’m willing to bet if you gave every NBA player a knee arthroscopy, a large percentage of them would benefit from it.  Basketball and knees don’t get along very well.  

It’s always impressive when a player guts through injuries to play ball.  And I don’t think anyone has ever accused Melo of being less than tough.  But I’m not so sure Knicks fans should take this bit of news and run with it in a “wow, he’s been playing like this and he’s been HURT?  Imagine what he’ll do when he’s healthy!!” kind of way.  Correcting bursitis in his non-shooting elbow and cleaning out his knee a little will make him feel a little better out there.  But don’t expect this to suddenly improve his game.  Melo will still be Melo, for better and for worse.