The Full National TV Playoffs Schedule For 4/16-4/24

The NBA Playoffs start this weekend and we have the full National TV schedule including start times, networks, and announcer assignments from Awful Announcing.  The Playoffs kick off on Saturday with Bulls/Pacers beginning a weekend quadrupleheader.  

Saturday April 16

Game 1: Indiana Pacers @ Chicago Bulls (ESPN 1PM) Dan Shulman, Jon Barry
Game 1: Philadelphia 76ers @ Miami Heat (ABC 3:30PM) Mike Breen, Mark Jackson, Jeff Van Gundy 
Game 1: Atlanta Hawks @ Orlando Magic (ESPN 7PM) Mike Tirico, Hubie Brown 
Game 1: Portland Trailblazers @ Dallas Mavericks (ESPN 9:30PM) Dave Pasch, Doris Burke

Sunday April 17

Game 1: Memphis Grizzlies @ San Antonio Spurs (TNT 1PM) Matt Devlin, Kevin McHale
Game 1: New Orleans Hornets @ Los Angeles Lakers (ABC 3:30PM) – Mike Breen, Mark Jackson, Jeff Van Gundy 
Game 1  New York Knicks @ Boston Celtics (TNT 7PM) – Marv Albert, Steve Kerr
Game 1: Denver Nuggets @ Oklahoma City Thunder (TNT 9:30PM) – Ian Eagle, Mike Fratello

Monday April 18

Game 2: Philadelphia 76ers @ Miami Heat (TNT 7PM)  Kevin Harlan, Reggie Miller
Game 2: Indiana Pacers @ Chicago Bulls (TNT 9:30PM) – Dick Stockton, Chris Webber

Tuesday April 19

Game 2: New York Knicks @ Boston Celtics (TNT 7PM) Marv Albert, Steve Kerr
Game 2: Atlanta Hawks @ Orlando Magic (NBA TV 7:30PM) Local Broadcast
Game 2: Portland Trailblazers @ Dallas Mavericks (TNT 9:30PM) – Matt Devlin, Kevin McHale

Wednesday April 20

Game 2: Denver Nuggets @ Oklahoma City Thunder (TNT 8PM) Dick Stockton, Mike Fratello
Game 2: Memphis Grizzlies @ San Antonio Spurs (NBA TV 8:30PM) Local Broadcast
Game 2: New Orleans Hornets @ Los Angeles Lakers (TNT  10:30PM) Kevin Harlan, Reggie Miller

Thursday April 21

Game 3: Chicago Bulls @ Indiana Pacers (NBA TV 7PM) Local Broadcast
Game 3: Miami Heat @ Philadelphia 76ers (TNT 8PM) Marv Albert, Steve Kerr
Game 3: Dallas Mavericks @ Portland Trailblazers (TNT 10PM) Matt Devlin, Kevin McHale

Friday April 22

Game 3: Boston Celtics @ New York Knicks (ESPN 7PM) TBA
Game 3: Orlando Magic @ Atlanta Hawks (ESPN 2 8PM) TBA
Game 3: Los Angeles Lakers @ New Orleans Hornets (ESPN 9:30PM)  TBA

Saturday April 23

Game 4: Chicago Bulls @ Indiana Pacers (TNT 2:30PM) Dick Stockton, Mike Fratello
Game 4: Dallas Mavericks @ Portland Trailblazers (TNT 5PM) Matt Devlin, Kevin McHale
Game 3: San Antonio Spurs @ Memphis Grizzlies (ESPN 7:30PM) TBA
Game 3: Oklahoma City Thunder @ Denver Nuggets (ESPN 10PM) TBA

Sunday April 24

Game 4: Miami Heat @ Philadelphia 76ers (ABC 1PM) TBA
Game 4: Boston Celtics @ New York Knicks (ABC 3:30PM) TBA
Game 4: Orlando Magic @ Atlanta Hawks (TNT 7PM) Marv Albert, Steve Kerr
Game 4: Los Angeles Lakers @ New Orleans Hornets (TNT 9:30PM) Kevin Harlan, Reggie Miller