This Is What You Get When You Marry A Kardashian Sister

I’m writing this not to point and laugh at Kris Humphries.  OK, not JUST to point and laugh at Kris Humphries.  

I’m writing this as a cautionary tale to any other NBA player who may be entertaining the thought of going after the soon-to-be single Kim Kardashian.  

Don’t.  If you see her sitting courtside, develop flu-like symptoms and run away.  Because what Saturday Night Live did to Humphries this past weekend could be you in a couple of months.  SNL, which can still be funny sometimes, skewered Humphries, making him a grunting Neanderthal who can neither speak nor write. 

You know he’s not THAT dumb (though he did marry Kim, so that’s still debatable), but that’s what non-NBA fans will think of him now.  

Do you want that to be you?  DO YA?!?!?

No, you don’t.  And while they torched the Kardashian family, they’re not that far off.  Dating Kim is like entering the 7th circle, son.  I know you think you want to be famous, but not like this.  Like Ferris told Cameron, you don’t want this much heat

Like she says in this video:  “I’m single, and there’s an NBA lockout… wink.”  Hell hath no fury, like Kim Kardashian on the prowl for an athlete.  Watch out fellas.  

via Terez Owens