Two Dunks, One Fail

A dunk, when everything works out just right, can be nasty.  Filthy.  Chalk-outline-in-the-paint-cuz-you-got-BANGED-on kinda nasty.  But when things don’t work out… 


Let’s just ask Von Wafer:

Let’s back up and see how many things went horribly… horribly wrong for Von.  We have the missed dunk (1), celebrating because he didn’t realize he’d missed the dunk (2) and then running into his teammate and causing a turnover as he began the “let me slowly jog up the court so the camera can get a cutaway of me” maneuver (3).  Oh, and double those points because they came in overtime in a game that was only in OT because Wafer had missed a free throw that would have iced it. 

Now… as for the “how to dunk portion”… we turn to one Mr. Dwight David Howard

Jrue Holday was 20 years old.  He will be missed.

Afterwards, Dwight Howard got to say this: 

“Sometimes, like your momma says, when you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time bad things happen,” Howard opined.

“Really, I was just going to lay the ball up, and then Jrue jumped. I feel bad for his head. Let’s have a moment of silence for Jrue.”

That’s something you get to say when you dunk like that.

What did Von Wafer say?  Other than the F-bomb he threw at himself for what is the most embarrassing moment of a not-so-great NBA career?  Nothing.  Because after that comedy of errors, the best you can hope to do is sneak out a back door and stow away in the luggage compartment of the team bus so you don’t have to hear about it on the ride back to the hotel.