VIDEO: Kobe Bryant’s Massive Dunks Against The Hornets

Remember when we all flipped out about Kobe Bryant not wanting to get an MRI on his “injured” foot?  Remember when we thought that this “injury” might cost the Lakers their chance at another three-peat?  Yea, that was a fun 6 hours.  In last night’s 106-90 Game 5 victory over the Hornets in Los Angeles, Kobe Bryant told us all where we all couldstick our injury concerns and skepticism about the Lakers title hopes.  Namely, right on the posterized skull of Emeka Okafor.


There’s something awesome about a Kobe Bryant dunk with Kevin Harlan behind the mic.  I thought we may get a “with no regard for human life” but I guess those are reserved for only the pantheon of jams.  This dunk took us back about a decade to when Kobe routinely brought us highlight reel jams.  Actually, I can’t remember the last time Kobe threw one down with that kind of ferocity.  On second thought, maybe I can think of a couple examples…