Video: Marion, Love, Chandler Mistake Lockout for Lock-IN

Funny or Die might end up being the big winner in this lockout.  Not only has it come up with a mostly funny series based on Blake Griffin’s “internship”, it’s getting other ballers into the act. 

Enter Kevin Love, Shawn Marion and Tyson Chandler.  In this video, they mistake a lockout for a lock “in.”  From there, it’s a middle-school slumber party where Marion’s the nerd everyone picks on, Kevin Love is the gossipy, giggly school-girl, and Tyson Chandler gets shot down for dances and busted for spiking punch.

Solid effort.  I need more Kevin Love.  The “Trevor’s not even that cute” line is pure gold.  As much as I want to see him play basketball again, I might be more looking forward to his future in the broadcast booth or maybe TV sitcom cameos.  Why is he not on Community yet?