Video: Michael Beasley Pushes A Fan In The Face

Fans at Dyckman Park in New York got a treat last night when Michael Beasley and Kevin Durant were both on the court at the same time for a summer league game.  Well, that is all fans but the one that Beasley pushed in the face.

Beas lost his cool when the fan apparently was getting on his case.  According to NY Daily News writer Stefan Bondy, Beasley yelled out “I get paid to do this” before planting his palm squarely on the guy’s face and shoving.  

This isn’t the first time a heckling fan has gotten into it with an NBA player.  It happened to Kevin Durant a couple of days ago.  But he didn’t climb into the stands to do anything about it. 

This also highlights another issue, especially with the outdoor courts.  Go back and look at the video of KD at Rucker Park, and look again at the video above and tell me why fans are allowed to not only line the court, but actually stand on it and then come rushing on when something good happens?

You’ve got to wonder if this is going to start preventing some of these bigger-name guys from showing up to some of these games.  If there’s not going to be adequate security, and if they’re going to just let the crowd get out of control, then this won’t be the last time something like this happens.   And we can only hope it stays this civil next time. 

Meanwhile, Michael Beasley needs to chill out.  Relax dude.  You’re too high strung.  If only Beas knew of a way to get completely and utterly relaxed and let the cares of the world float by.