Welcome To Fame, Kris Humphries. Now Everyone Hates You

A year ago today, I would have been shocked if many casual NBA fans or ANY non-NBA fans could pick Kris Humphries out of a lineup.  

It’s amazing what marrying a Kardashian can do. 

Humphries has gone from relative obscurity to, according to a new poll, the most hated man in the NBA.  Humphries is now ahead of LeBron and Kobe, two perennial “Most Hated” all stars.  But there’s no way either of those guys get booed THAT loudly in New York last night.  That was ridiculous.

Personally, I don’t get it.  He rushed into a ridiculous marriage with a person famous for being famous.  And aside from the inevitable divorce coming to fruition much faster than most people expected, he really didn’t do anything.  

Well… such is life in the spotlight, Kris.  Hope you enjoy the boos.  I get the feeling Kim is.