You Know You’re Struggling When You Count On Ian Mahinmi To Promote Your Product

One Million Dollar Film is a production company.  It wants business.  So it decided to show what it can do by turning to the NBA ranks to find its star. 

And they found… 

From the World Champion Dallas Mavericks……



Yup.  Ian Mahinmi, who had more fouls (16) than points (11) in the playoffs is helping this production company out by strutting around in a blue robe, pumping out 25 pound curls, and getting a roof-top massage.

My favorite part, though, was the thrilling conclusion when Ian does what we all do at a hotel (I assume that’s some kind of hotel): show up at the bar in nothing but a robe.  Good thing for him all the other Ian Mahinmi clones approve of his attire with vigorous thumbs up.  SMILY FACE! 

And because I’m all about supporting peoples’ dreams, I’m happy to pass this video along, despite its broken-English titles, confusing imagery, and homo-erotic finale.  Because who am I to judge?  

Good luck, One Million Dollar Film!  I hope your next spokesperson is equally famous.  I hear Adam Morrison is available. 

(Via Project Spurs)