Amir Johnson loves the ladies on Twitter

Twitter can be a wonderful place to engage in some fun conversation, get news, have debates, and make new friends.  And while a lot of us would like to become friends with NBA players, they’re usually stingy with their follows.  They mostly follow their teammates, maybe a few celebrities like actors and singers, and few like to follow… porn stars.

Actually, one player likes to follow porn stars more than any other.

Amir Johnson.

Buzzfeed, fresh off an investigation into which players followed Justin Bieber on Twitter, decided to dive into some of the more embarrassing following habits of today’s ballers.

First step: I followed ~350 NBA players, mostly current, a few former. Second step: I used the Internet to figure out the porn stars and models with particularly large web followings. (The Internet is good for that.)

They found Amir Johnson led the league in adult-actress follows with 15.  That’s more than twice what Vince Carter is following (7). 

Hey, it’s a free country, and you can follow all the Twitter-booty you want.  And I’m not here to judge you for it.  I’m just here to remind you guys that everyone can see you… so make sure your DM’s are actually DM’s, ok? 

And should one of these players see this or the Buzzfeed post and say “WTF?  Now I can’t follow people on Twitter without being judged?”… just know that this is the world in which we live now.  Following a dozen porn stars on Twitter is a notch below being seen at Cheesecake factory with one of them.  Sorry to be the guy that breaks that news to you, but, fair or not, it’s the truth.

So if you’re the kind of guy who’s cool with that, then good for you.  I’m not going to tell you how to live your life.  But if you’re not cool with it and you think the Twitter follows are a way to do it privately… think again.  Set your profile to private or bookmark their pages.  You’re a public figure now.  This is part of adjusting to life in the public eye.