Barkley, TNT Crew, Caught In Candid Conversation During Commercial Break

It’s one of the first rules of broadcasting:  the mic is always hot.  That’s especially true nowadays with things like League Pass… which doesn’t run all the same commercials.  

But Charles Barkley, Kevin Harlan and Reggie Miller forgot that last night.  Awful Announcing has some of the transcription:

“I thought this was the greatest scam going, getting paid to watch sports… this Weight Watchers thing is a bigger scam.”

Possibly even better was this no holds barred interaction between Barkley and Harlan about the game as it was unfolding in the first quarter.  Ironically enough, the game went into triple overtime where Miami finally emerged victorious:

Barkley: “Man I can’t stand to watch this Atlanta Hawks team play.”

Harlan: “This game is terrible.”

Barkley: “It is.”

Harlan: “Look at this game, 31 percent, God Almighty.”

Barkley: “The Atlanta Hawks, they got nothin but a bunch of nice guys.”

The folks at Weight Watchers are going to have some words with the Chuck Wagon about it being a “scam.”  I know he means it’s a scam to get paid to lose weight, but the Weight Watchers people still don’t like being mentioned in the same sentenced as “scam.”  

As for the Hawks, I hear Josh Smith shed a tear when he saw the video.  Joe Johnson didn’t watch.  He was too busy counting his money.