Dunlap hoping to improve Bobcats’ offense with ‘kill spots’

After posting the worst season in NBA history, the Charlotte Bobcats have a lot to improve on.

You can start with the offense.

The Bobcats scored only 87 points per game last year, worst in the league by a good margin. First year coach Mike Dunlap is hoping his new game plan will spark some life into his team.

Dunlap believes in something he calls “kill spots” or places where his players shoot at a higher percentage. I have always heard of these particular areas called “hot spots” or “sweet spots,” but if Dunlap wants to coin a new term, I will not stop him.

He is also instituting a new team policy on shot selection. After watching game film from last year, Dunlap determined the Bobcats were taking too many long two-point shots. He wants his players to either step back a few feet and take the three-pointer or drive to the basket.

Some might argue that thinking too much about your shot will get in your head and make you overthink things. Dunlap says he has made some of his players a little self-conscious, but thinks it will pay off in the long run, as Dunlap explains:

Maybe they’re thinking too much, but I believe in the methodology of teaching. This will come along as a conditioned response down the road.

You cannot base too much on preseason, but if you want to gauge how the Bobcats are coming along, the answer is not very well. The Bobcats went 1-7 through their preseason schedule, only surpassing 90 points twice.

There is really nowhere to go but up for Dunlap. Surely the Bobcats cannot end up with a worse winning percentage this year than they did last year, right? I guess we will find out. Charlotte kicks off their season on Friday at home against the Indiana Pacers.

Image: USA Today