Delonte West is recruiting Deron Williams to Dallas even though Delonte’s a Free Agent

Delonte West is a free agent. He is not signed with the Dallas Mavericks for next season. He doesn’t feel like he needs to be, however, in order to recruit Deron Williams away from the Brooklyn Nets and over to Big D. He took to Twitter recently to make his pitch to the NBA’s biggest Free Agent.

Below is a screen shot of West’s recruitment of Deron Williams:

Favorite part is “when u need a breather…I gotcha”.

Delonte makes some legitimate points in there too with respect to Williams’ decision. It is going to be a little bit more money over in Brooklyn, but Dallas is home for Deron. Can’t put a price on that fam support, like Delonte alluded too. Dirk is also the best player that Williams ever has played with. Carlos Boozer looked okay for a couple years, but he’s no Dirk. Not even in the twilight of his career was Carlos Boozer anything close to what Dirk would be next year. 

Just hope that if Williams comes Dallas, Delonte West ends up playing with him. Delonte seems to be in a good place down there in Dallas, and I hope that “best owner in all sports” offers him a chance to stay on with his Mavericks. If not for his ability to give Williams a breather, then maybe for the eventual fact that Williams ends up there in the first place.

Screenshot: Larry Brown Sports

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