Is Danny Ferry on the verge of unloading Joe Johnson’s contract?

Joe Johnson

Danny Ferry just got the GM job for the Atlanta Hawks.  The photos of him and his family are probably still in a cardboard box on the credenza in his office.  The IT guy probably has to remind him how to log on to their internal system.  

But Ferry, despite having to GPS which of the 50 “Peachtree Streets” he needs to take to get to work in Atlanta, might already be on the verge of pulling off what we all figured was impossible. 

Joe Johnson.  


The same guy who has four years and more than $89 million left on his contract.  The same guy who, once you trade for him, cannot be amnestied.  The guy who, in 2015-16, at 34 years old and 15 years in the league, will make nearly $25 million.  

I understand who Joe Johnson is.  He’s a good player who can sometimes be very good.  And I also understand that his contract is SO awful, that it blinds most people and makes them think that because he’s so vastly overpaid, that he’s a worse player than he really is.  So I do understand why there is SOME interest in his services. 

But the problem still lies with that contract.  The problem is still a team’s willingness to pay a player that much money for what he can produce.  The Nets motivation is… well… no one is really quite sure.  It might seem that by adding a competent wing scorer, the Nets could convince Deron Williams that they’re getting him the help he needs to build a winner and entice him to re-sign with Brooklyn.  I’m not sure what a trade with Atlanta would mean for Brooklyn’s pursuit of Dwight Howard… but first things first.

If Ferry is able to move Joe Johnson’s contract this season, he’ll instantly be everyone’s front-runner for Executive of the Year.  And the person who took the contract?  Let’s just say probably not. 

The rumor mill is going strong and this is only day 1 of when teams are allowed to talk to players.  This offseason is already pretty great.