Jeff Green’s Surgery A Success

Jeff Green (via Green's Twitter page) pre-surgeryJeff Green’s surgery to correct an aortic aneurysm was deemed a success today, according to Celtics coach Doc Rivers. 

“Surgery went well, he had surgery today — they’re saying it went great,” said Rivers. “Obviously, our thoughts, our prayers, and every part of being is with Jeff right now. 

“The second news we want to hear is that he’ll be able to play again. That would be terrific. I don’t care if it’s with us — I want it to be with us — [but] I just want him to [be able to play again]. Really, at the end of the day, that’s what we want.”

First and foremost, obviously, it is great news to hear the surgery was a success.  Green’s health is of the utmost importance, so the most important thing is that he’s alive and well and has a chance (hopefully) to play again. 

Assuming he is cleared at some point to play, he will have his choice of where to go as the Celtics withdrew their qualifying offer, making him a free agent.  The move was warmly received by Green and his agent, who seemed to take it as a gesture of goodwill.  Players enjoy their freedom to make their own choices, so the Celtics’ decision was received quite well by Green’s camp. 

Green’s absence has sent the Celtics scrambling.  They have reconstructed an entirely new bench, which is struggling at the moment (aside from Brandon Bass).  They are expected to get Mickael Pietrus into the mix when they take on the Dallas Mavericks on Wednesday.  Pietrus will be a solid addition to the Celtics bench, but he’s not capable of producing the same numbers nor having the same overall impact as Green could have.  

However, where Green lands, if he lands anywhere at all, is a story that won’t be written for many months (or more).  First comes his recovery, rehabilitation, and reevaluation.  From there, we can only hope he returns to the NBA better than before. 

Photo:  Jeff Green’s Twitter before going in for surgery