Linsanity doesn’t come cheap

If I remember one thing from my economics class in high school it’s that the demand for a certain good or service drives up the price. Well here’s the practical use for that lesson: If you want to see Jeremy Lin and the New York Knicks against the Miami Heat on Thursday, be prepared to shell out some cash.

ESPN’s Tom Haberstroh did some research on the change in price of a Knicks-Heat ticket since Jeremy Lin busted on to the scene, and the results are astounding.

Apparently the demand to see this game is higher than the NBA finals last year. Can you imagine that? Some people would rather see their team play against one specific player than play for a championship. That just blows my mind.

The average price for a ticket to the game on Thursday is almost three times more than what you normally pay for a regular season game and more than double what you paid the last time these two teams faced off in Miami. The best seat in the house is almost $10K.

I’m sure the Heat will have no problem selling out the game, no matter what they charge for tickets, so it only makes sense that they would try and get as much as possible. I would still much rather sit at home and watch it for free on my TV than have to dip into my savings just to sit in the last row.

I hope for the sake of the people that do spend the big bucks that it’s a good game. This could potentially be a very expensive disappointment.