Nash says his back feels great; wants long-term deal

For years people have wondered when Steve Nash’s back was finally going to get the best of him and he’d have to call it quits. Even if his back still gives him some problems, he’s far from retirement. The Phoenix Suns’ veteran point guard leads the NBA in assists and he’s put his team in a position to challenge for a playoff spot that no one thought they’d be contending for.

Nash does have to sit out the occasional game, but he says his back feels “the best it’s felt in a decade.” There are some rumors that his injury is keeping him from playing up what he’s capable of, but Nash says that isn’t true.

“It’s been my best year physically from start to finish in a long time,” Nash said. “Other than a little tweak (last week) against San Antonio, my back’s been pretty close to 100 percent.”

The 38-year-old Nash says he wants to play for 3 more years. So his desired contract, whether it be with the Suns or any other team, will have him playing well past his 40th birthday.

Honestly, I don’t think there are many teams out there that would turn down a chance to sign Steve Nash. He’s been playing through his back injury for years, and if he says it’s at 100%, I believe him. He still logs more than 30 minutes a game and shows no real signs of slowing down. You could honestly throw him into the MVP race if you take a good look at the players he’s got around him and the fact that the Suns are currently sitting above .500. I can’t even imagine what he’d be doing if he played on a team where he wasn’t the constant focus of his opponent’s defensive game plan.

Of course, with any aging player there are risks involved. Nash’s back could take one strong hit and he could be done, but for a player like that, the risk is well worth the reward.